Company overview

The Botti is convinced that quality is the most basic benefit of the customer.As a result of TSE, TS EN, TSEK, GHOST, SEPRO and ISO 9001 quality certificates our company secures the quality of the products, the quality of the management and the quality of the production . Total quality management, strategic management and change management are actively employed to improve suitable products and services to the market conditions. By pursuing the newest technologies the Botti PPR Pipe has made significant investments in order to make production with highest technology.

As a result of this Botti has been most quality and reliable brand in the sector. Botti’s R&D department’s innovative approach has brought quality, reliable, ergonomic and simple application to the products. The Botti PPR Pipe that makes continues improvement with all stuff solves every problems with scientific methods, creates production environment with team work, follows development and quality.

Because of our strategic targets to improve the quality of our products and services with the support of our customers we will continue to increase our economical power in Turkey. Our vision is by increasing our national economic power to be known our brand as an international brand.

Our mission

Our Mission is to be the leader in the sector for production of Gas and Water fittings by focusing on customer care
and technology without compromising of the quality, service and price.

Our Vision is to be the leader company in Gas and Water fittings sector. We follow :

  • Developing our R&D studies
  • Systematize the customer satisfaction
  • Investment of employee satisfaction and development
  • Maintaining the price, service and quality compliances
  • Increasing the range of the products
  • Gear up for Export

How we work


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